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I love Pry, but the output sometimes can be hard to read. After digging in the web I learned about Hirb.

Hirb provides a mini view framework for console applications and uses it to improve ripl(irb)’s default inspect output.

1. Add Hirb to your Gemfile

gem 'hirb', '~> 0.7.3'

Run bundle install

2. Edit your .pryrc file:

First search for .pryrc in your root directory if the file can’t be found then create one:

→ cd
→ ls .pryrc
→ ls: .pryrc: No such file or directory
→ touch ~/.pryrc
→ open ~/.pryrc

Paste this in .pryrc:

  require 'hirb'
rescue LoadError
  # Missing goodies, bummer

if defined? Hirb
  # Slightly dirty hack to fully support in-session Hirb.disable/enable toggling
  Hirb::View.instance_eval do
    def enable_output_method
      @output_method = true
      @old_print = Pry.config.print
      Pry.config.print = proc do |*args|
        Hirb::View.view_or_page_output(args[1]) ||*args)

    def disable_output_method
      Pry.config.print = @old_print
      @output_method = nil


That’s it, every time you load your Rails Console, Hirb will be enabled. You can disable it with Hirb.disable and reenable it with… you guess it: Hirb.enable.

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  1. Nice. Thanks for posting this. I’m really like Hirb and am happy to see a way to add it to pry.


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